How does Tattoo Vanish® work?

The area to be removed is thoroughly sterilized and a topical anaesthetic applied. A tattoo gun is used to continuously apply the anaesthetic while braiding the skin thereby exposing the tattoo.

Once exposed a saline base ” ink eraser ” solution is applied. 10 minutes later the area is cleaned and you are ready to go home.

For best results the area is left uncovered and kept dry. A scab will form over the next 2 to 3 days and is encouraged to remain for as long as possible.

How many treatments will I need?

There are a number of factors which determine how many treatments are required, from the depth of the ink, the type of ink, the size of the tattoo, condition of the skin, the age of the patient, and most importantly the after-care provided by the patient themselves. The longer the healing scab remains over the tattoo the better. Full after-care instructions will be provided..

What types of tattoos can be removed

All ages, sizes, colours and styles of tattoos can be removed, however the treatment is most suited to small to medium tattoos. Tattoos which have been treated with laser are able to be targeted using a tattoo vanish method, even older, stubborn tattoos.

What will be the cost

Because the number of treatments as compared to laser, will be considerably less. The final cost will be substantially reduced. To receive a quote over the phone send a photo of the unwanted tattoo, with a ruler or business card next to it for reference (size estimate). For a confirmed costing please book a free consultation.

Are there Complications

All clients have a complimentary skin consultation, where tattoo removal suitability will be assessed. All removals come with some risk, such risks include :- scarring, lightning or darkening of the treatment area, however compared to laser and other removal methods tattoo vanish is by far safer.

How do I start my tattoo removal process

Starting your tattoo removal is as easy as contacting John at Tattoo Vanish Wollongong for your free consultation on (02) 4227 2036.

At the consult a skin evaluation and suitability assessment will be carried out. At that time the procedure will be explained and all your questions answered.